Ride Sun Valley Events - Course Maps

The Sun Valley Super Enduro
The Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival will kick off June 27-29 (permit pending). The SunValley stop, a.k.a "Sun Valley Super Enduro", will be one of the longest enduro races offered anywhere in the U.S. The Ride Sun Valley Festival will provide riders and fans with a plethora of entertainment and activities around the race including the Sheeptown Drag Races, a downtown criterium, local stoker rides, pump track challenges, music and more.

Racers will use a combination of lifts and good old pedal power to reach the start of each course. Expect the trails to be worthy of anything from a 29’er hard tail to a 6” travel all-mountain bike. Pedal power will be balanced with skillful cornering and flow on tracks which are suitable for all levels of technical skill. Like a lot of Sun Valley trails it is all a matter of how wide you can keep the throttle open. Same bike and configuration for all stages mandatory. 

The course map will be announced the day of the event. 
The 4th annual Ride Sun Valley Mountain Bike Festival showcases the area's 400+ miles of continuous singletrack in an event centered around some of the best race courses in the US. Sun Valley is a bike rider's paradise with over 32 miles of multi-use paved bike paths, two bike parks, and miles of scenic road riding.
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