It’s Official, The Ride Sun Valley Blog Has Dropped

Like the guy in the sky on the header of this blog, the bits and bytes, the ones and zeros of the interweb information dissemination are dropping like bombs in a quiet park.  This is the Ride Sun Valley Blog.  Why are you here?

Assuming it was not latent curiousity as to what the word “BLOG” actually meant (after all it is 2011 and this stupid word is well on its way to Webster’s); it must be you were

This is me, the author. This is my kid, the poor abused young mountain biker. There's hell to pay when you don't perform.

looking for the more human side of the Ride Sun Valley web experience.  You know the reason you read a blog, to feel like there is someone out there that gets what you are thinking and tells you a story in a language you understand.

To that end, straight up,  I will begin by saying that the winter has been long this year, but spring is here blooming onions and tossing rainbows, in fact I believe I may have hit a unicorn on the bike path this morning.

We have spent the better part of the winter organizing this event which is going to be the coolest national championships ever.  Truly, the coolest ever.  From organized, free shuttle rides, to the Avett Brothers opening the week, to incredible race courses, I can say from a fair bit of experience that Ride Sun Valley will be the coolest national championship event that has happened since back in the day when the Tomes, the Captain, Bobke, and HB were duking it out.

Stay tuned to this blog as we will be posting updates to courses, events, and giving you insight into the happenings here for the week of your stay.  Our recommendation:  plan to come early or stay after the event.  The riding here is ridiculous, vast, and super fun.  The town has a lot to offer and you will be sad to leave.  In fact, we have a pretty decent track record of people who have just stuck around.


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2 Responses to It’s Official, The Ride Sun Valley Blog Has Dropped

  1. Robert Bobrow says:

    Thanks for the photo of the river rock run and other info. I’m looking for more info on the pro course at nats to help with tire selection and etc for the trip. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Robert,
      Check back here this week and we will get some more info up for ya!