The Sheeptown Fat Tire Rally Returns

Yeah, yeah, so you can race a mountain bike down a mountain at speeds over 50 mph. You can also climb a mountain on your bike faster than most people could drive it. BUT can you ride a mountain bike and carry a hot dog? Then you better head over to the Sheeptown Fat Tire Rally #5 tonight to test your skills at the Hot Dog Hill Climb One Handed WORLD Time Trial Championships.

Yes, that’s right. Sheeptown 2011 is here. According to their official press release, the Sheeptown Fat Tire Rally was the brainchild of a innocuous Tuesday night five years ago, and has now grown to a five-year running tradition and one of the coolest bikes events of the year.

Last night kicked off the event with the Sheeptown Drag Races which put two races against each other in a 50 meter course, towing logs. This definitely wasn’t your grandfather’s drag race. The races started in downtown Hailey and were followed by an epic Powerhouse lamb roast, hosted by a Sheeptown Honcho himself, Billy Olson.

Tonight, the tradition continues with something new, Bike Polo. Teams of eight will face off in twenty minute matches at the Cutters Ranch Park in Hailey starting right after work tonight at 6:00. And if polo isn’t your thing, maybe hot dogs are. You can also compete in the Hot Dog Hill Climb One Handed World Time Trail Championships. This challenge will reward those brave few who can ride up a hill with a hot dog in one hand. These World Champs start at 8:30, so be stretched and ready to roll.

The Sheeptown Rally #5 comes to an end on Saturday with an epically secret, and just plain epic, bike ride. To quote organizers, “Year-to-year this ride fluctuates with the call of the wild and this year is no different. It is a long ride for the strong of leg, weak of mind, yet true of heart.” The ride leaves Hailey’s Powerhouse at 9 am, costumes are encouraged, and they are hoping that the first ever lady will join them this year, to show the boys how it’s done.

Ride Sun Valley is less than a month away, so you better getting those racing legs ready and check out the Sheeptown Rally this weekend.

Photos: Nils Ribi

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