2nd Annual Idaho Pump Track State Championships

If you are headed to Sun Valley to compete in the USAC Mountain Bike Cross-Country National Championships (or if you are already in town, like the Specialized Crew who we hear has already staked out a campsite south of Ketchum…), why not add another trophy to the collection and compete in the 2nd Annual Idaho Pump Track State Championships!

Even organizer and Sun Valley Trail Crew team member, Julian Tyo, has been around the pump track since its inception in the fall of 2009 when he worked with other volunteers and Ketchum Parks and Recreation to create the unique park.  Then last year, after Tyo had seen several attempts at Pump Track racing in other communities around the West, he decided to start up some racing of our very own on the new Ketchum facility. So last summer, for the inaugural Idaho State Pump Track championships, Tyo and his fellow crew of Pump Track volunteers put on the event in the middle of the summer.

The event was a success with 35 racers ranging in age from three years old to a sprightly 56. Then this past fall, the team orchestrated a four week Pump Track Town series, utilizing four of the tracks five distinct courses. Once the word got out about Ride Sun Valley and the USA MTB Cross-Country Champs in Ketchum, it was only natural that the Idaho Pump Track State Championships go right along with it.

Julian and the crew, who make no money putting on the event (all the entry fee proceeds go to the cash prize pool), are hoping for 70 participants in this year’s races and for a crowd of over 300, compared to last year’s 100 spectators.

With so much going on for next week’s Fest, the Pump Track races are definitely not to miss. And if you feel like racing, hop on your bike and head over to the Ketchum track and participate in an all ages, homegrown event on one of the best pump tracks in the nation.

The event takes place Saturday, with racing from 7-9pm. Come by and check it out. (For more info go to the Events page at www.ridesunvalley.com) Also check out the video of last year’s winning run!


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