Ketchum’s Bike Culture: Geared and Ready for Ride Sun Valley

Thanks to the bicycle-heralding exhibition at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, it is more than evident that Ketchum is amped for the Ride Sun Valley Festival.

With help from artists and bikemakers like Lisa Anne Auerbach, Margarita Cabrera, Dzine, Katina Huston, Dinh Q. Lê, Ahearne Cycles, Hufnagel Cycles and Schwinn, the exhibition shows bicycles not as vital forms of transport and exercise but also as art. The exhibition, entitled “Geared: The Culture of Bicycles”, will be open at the Ketchum location until July 28th, so when you are in town, stop by and see for yourself!

In the meantime, we have proof of Ketchum’s love of all things two wheeled. Check out the slideshow below which shows portraits of locals and their beloved bikes.



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